Challenges using Public Loos

Challenges in the usage of public loos’ is among the topics in the trending news in the news industry most probably in the BBC news. Particularly in women, the process of using the public loos has become a shameful idea and also a lengthy affair. A funny post on Facebook by an Argentinean woman has […]

Monocyte: the Strangest Graphic Novel of All

Imagine a wild-eyed, black-clad and bearded multi-instrumentalist from Mississippi with a penchant for Freud, Hamlet, and H.R. Giger coming up to you on the street and slipping a foot-and-a-half long graphic novel into your hands. “This is ‘Monocyte,’” he tells you, giving you a serious look. The appropriate response here is awe and confusion. And […]

Fooly Cooly: The Ultimate TV Mind-trip

There are few things that mess up your head as badly as Fooly-Cooly. Like LSD or mushrooms, you get flashbacks. You’ll find yourself in your kitchen, staring at a bagel in your toaster oven, wondering “What the hell did guitars have to do with anything?” And you’ll find people who break into wild, Cheshire Cat […]

Woah! 80s New Retro Wave?

“We’re at the beginning of a new wave of research. Our creative powers are being stretched. We’re learning surprising things about how we sense the world around us, and exploring the mysteries of the spoken word.” So begins every track sponsored by New Retro Wave, the group that’s spearheading a small but dedicated new movement […]

New Rise in IPO Value

A couple of weeks ago, announced that it would be seeking an IPO. And thanks to its high, lucrative growth over the past year–they believe that with over 1 billion daily game-plays, that it should translate to billions of dollars. And now according an amended SEC filling that was released today, King wants as […]

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Prescription Medication Discounts with DrugDiscounts.Tips

Prescription drugs are beyond expensive in the United States, and their prices are only getting higher with each year. For the millions of people in the United States who need medication in order to lead normal lives, these escalating costs are both a burden and an obstacle. However, along with the rising prices of prescription […]

App Game Answers Unveils New Look

App Game Answers, the Internet’s destination for mobile gaming cheats and tips, has announced their new site layout and a brand-new focus going forward, site administrators announced today. The site, which has delivered answers for all types of mobile games in the past, will now focus specifically on puzzle and trivia apps–some of the most […]