Greece and its Lenders Fail to Reach a Consensus

Talks seeking to end the impasse between Greece and its lenders tumbled down over the weekend with European leaders expressing their disappointment at Athens for failing to come up with any concessions that would have allowed for the release of the desperately needed financial aid. Greece was hoping to secure a $ 1.8 billion funding […]

 Grand Tax Avoidance Scheme Uncovered by the BBC

According to a report released by the BBC, Anderson Group, a high profile requirement company is involved in an “aggressive” tax avoidance scheme that has been christened as “abusive” by financial experts. The report says that the scheme works by exploiting the employment allowance instituted by the government.   The scam could leave the government […]

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Prescription Medication Discounts with DrugDiscounts.Tips

Prescription drugs are beyond expensive in the United States, and their prices are only getting higher with each year. For the millions of people in the United States who need medication in order to lead normal lives, these escalating costs are both a burden and an obstacle. However, along with the rising prices of prescription […]