China In The Spotlight For Reading Top U.S Officials’ Emails

Latest reports from the criminal investigation agencies in the U.S have confirmed China is reading emails in top U.S government officials’ accounts. It has also been confirmed that China has been doing so for the last five years, only that U.S detectives have not managed to unmask them all this while. According to a secret document obtained from NBC news, China has been in the mission to study some of the key secrets that are held by U.S government officials.

During NSA briefing, it came to attention that reading of the said emails has been there and it is still on. The act by China has been taken so seriously not only by the U.S members of public but also the government itself.

Back in 2011, Google itself revealed that there was indeed hacking of email accounts belonging to the U.S official by Chinese people. It brought out a report confirming that the safety of the accounts was already compromised. In fact, it was not only the government officials who were victims of the practice. Other dignitaries in the private sector also underwent the same.

It was however confirmed that government email accounts under the responsibility of officials were not yet hacked. Only the private accounts were compromised. Due to the high-security state of government email accounts, China has not been successful in hacking them. A U.S intelligence official has already confirmed that government emails are not prone to unwarranted disclosure since their status is quite secure.

According to the senior officials in the U.S security sector, all private emails of top government officials were on target. The trade and security pockets of the country were more targeted. The Chinese hackers actually collected all documents that bear emails of top officials and that is how they managed to hack through.

In terms of technological advancement, China leads in a number of ways. The country has so far managed to create very sophisticated items in the tech divide. This means that they already have enough exposure in Information Technology and it is very easy for them to hack accounts. China must have taken advantage of their technological exposure to hit hard on the U.S government.

Political and economic interests in china have been linked with the continued hacking of email accounts for top officials in U.S. The two countries have been under strong competition for years. The hacking is seen as a way of revealing the weak points of U.S government.

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