Legion, A New Expansion Revealed in World of Warcraft

Activision Blizzard, located in the USA, is one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. It is a large gaming interactive company that has vibrant systems covering media, technology and entertainment. It boasts two main units in which it operates namely, The Activision Publishing and the Blizzard entertainment. It is also a home to the most beloved studios in game development. They include Sledgehammer Games, Infinity Ward, Toys for Bob and Treyarch.

Blizzard Entertainment has now revealed World of Warcraft: Legion as its sixth new expansion. They announced this during the Gamescom conference that was in Germany. The Burning Legion ushers in a period of conflict between Alliance and the Horde due to his dislike to creation taking a new course. This expansion has a surprise package since it will transform its players to a whole new level with incredible features. They Include:

  • 100 Level Boost: This new chapter of the World of Warcraft should prepare you to battle the Legion with the new 100 character boost.
  • A new Honor System (PVP): This brings out a new particular range of powers when facing the opponent on the battleground or other areas. With this feature, you fight for fame.
  • Order Hall: This new feature allows you to unite and give commands to fellow members of you class. You can enjoy seeing them carry out the commands you give.
  • Broken Isles: This is a new continent to discover the late night of civilization and fragments of the Emerald Nightmare. It is a chance to hunt all agents of the Legion in your new zone.
  • Artifact Weapons: A new feature that gives you artifact power to set your weapon how you want it. You can alternatively unlock your abilities to smite the Legion.
  • Demon Hunter the new Hero class. It enables you to change to new hellish forms and open the devil within for a preternatural mobility.

A significant step this is, in the entertainment industry and the growth if Blizzard company. They are always successful since they do exceptionally well, whatever they lay on their hands. They take their time to scrutinize with tremendous vigor, the numerous opportunities on their table. Choosing what has breakthrough potentially, is their core goal. They avoid making bets that will yield nothing and give their all to that which they have decided to do. They invest their capital, passion, talent, hard work, creativity, innovation and most of all time to achieve excellence.

Activision Blizzard has in the past decade created the biggest games, six times in the year of its industry. They have produced the world’s greatest hits like Skylanders, Call of duty, destiny and Guitar Hero, genres that define Activision franchise. They have also produced iconic Bizzard blockbusters like World of Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo and Hearth Stone.

Although Activision has said that World of Warcraft has the highest number of subscriptions in the world, its number of players have dropped significantly. Recently, the number of actors was only 5.6 million from 7.1m in the previous years. This new expansion could be a strategy by Blizzard to maintain it’s glory.

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