US Plans To Cut 40,000 Troops In Two Years

The US government has plans to reduce the number of its troops. If the deal goes through, United States of America will have the smallest number of troops in history since the Second World War. By the end of 2017, the US government will cut 40,000 soldiers from their ranks. This will affect the number of troops from the current 490,000 to 450,000. As part of the cost-saving initiative, there are plans for a further cut of 17, 000 civilian jobs. These reports were confirmed by one of the officials from the US Defense when speaking to AFP. However, there are fears that there will be losses that are likely to affect all areas in the Army’s domestic and foreign posts though this is yet to be confirmed. This move has however raised the question of America’s defense capability, the world’s powerful country.

The USA Today reported that with only 450,000 troops, the US will be susceptible to failure and that it will not be able to win any war. The publication indicated that at the peak of the war between America and Afghanistan and Iraq, the US had approximately 570, 000 soldiers. The report provided further details saying that US President Barrack Obama urged the US to step up its defense since a lot lay ahead. He is said to be referring to the war against Iraq and Syria’s Islamic State who according to the president, are the world’s most powerful threats now. President Obama then said, “A long battle lies ahead, and the US has to emerge victoriously.” If the US will reduce the number of its Army and the ranks, this is likely to pose a security challenge. American citizens should feel secure whenever they are in the territory of their country. That should be every leader’s goal.

This will not be quick. This is a long time campaign. It will take some time to root them out, and doing so must be a job of all local forces on the ground with training and air support from our coalition,” President Obama said. In a bid to help the Iraqi governments and its troops attempts to take back Ramadi, the western city that has been dominated for years by militias, the US government, announced last month that it was going to send approximately 450 of its troops to Iraq. The troops will be advisors to Iraqi soldiers who will be engaged in the conquest.

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