Popular CBC Host “Relived of” His Duties Amid Corruption Allegations

CBC, a Canadian Television Network has immediately fired one of its famous and most celebrated hosts, Evan Solomon, after news emerged that he had inappropriately profited from contacts gained through his shows. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, Solomon was secretly taking commissions payments that were linked to art sales involving people he came to know through his show.

The Star reported that they were in possession of documents that showed Solomon received commissions worth $ 300,000 over the last two years.

The station’s “Journalistic Standards and Practices” does not condone personal gains for its employees for professional assignments. “Employees should not in any way use their positions for their own personal gains, ” states the policy.

“We have established that some of Solomon’s activities were in breach with our ethics policy, had a conflict of interest and went against our journalistic practices and standards” CBC stated. “Following what has happened, we have decided to terminate Mr. Solomon’s employment with us” the network added.

In a statement sent to Canadian newsrooms. Solomon said in his view he did not think that the art business was in conflict with his political journalism at the BBC. The statement also said that Solomon did not use his position at the station for personal gains.

“I regret that my actions have dented the trust that CBS and the viewers, as well as listeners, have placed on me,” he said.

Solomon hosted a two-hour weekday CBS News shown dubbed “Power and Politics”, the Canadian version of “Meet the Press”. He also hosted a radio show known as “The House”.

Among the people named in the scandal that Solomon was involved in include Jim Balsillie, the co-founder of Research in Motion (now Blackberry) and Mark Carney, the onetime Bank of Canada governor and the current governor of the Bank of England. Solomon is said to have brokered the sales of paintings to the named persons.

‘As a journalist, Solomon has interacted with high profile men and women” says Carney, who has been hosted by Solomon on both of his shows.

Before reporting the matter to CBC, the Star had contacted Solomon who denied his involvement in any of the dealings. However, he later admitted to having been involved in the scandal. Since the change was sudden and unexpected the station is yet to replace the vacant position left by Solomon. One of the staffers at CBC termed Solomon’s dismissal as “devastating, distracting, humiliating, and unbelievable as well as infuriating”

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