Several People Injured as Tornadoes Destroy Homes in Illinois

America has in the past faced several destructions due to storms and other related weather calamities that include flash floods and bushfires. In most cases, such disastrous calamities occur unexpectedly causing a lot of damages and at times loss of life. In the latest US news, several tornadoes were reported to have touched down on Monday night. Coal City in Illinois was the most affected as significant damage was seen on Tuesday morning. According to the national weather service, a tornado first touched down in a small community in western Michigan. Officials say that winds moving at a speed of approximately 100 miles per hour touched the ground at around 2:30 pm on Monday. On the northwest Lowa city, officials also recorded a wind gust of 95 miles per hour. The small city reported damage of property and trees.

Before the tornadoes touched down, straight line winds that were associated with thunderstorms went through Sheldon area on Monday morning and a hanger in a local airport was destroyed. According to weather officials, large hail and destructive winds may be experienced in other parts, more so if the thunderstorms continue to move through the states. They were not in a position to rule out the possibility of more tornadoes but claimed that heavy rainfall being experienced in some areas may result to flash floods hence more damage. The number of tornadoes reported on Tuesday was 13 with more than four states being affected, according to Weather Channel reports. The latest tornado lasted approximately ten minutes on the ground and destroyed numerous churches, buildings and more than 50 homes.

The impact of the damaging winds and tornadoes were felt by quite a large number of Americans. Five people were rescued from the collapsed buildings in Portland, a city located about 20 miles from Lansing. Two people were rescued from a damaged pharmacy while a mother and her child were rescued from a collapsed Goodwill store. Weather officials claim that more than 50 million Americans are at risk of being affected by damaging thunderstorms. Winds of about 122 miles per hour were reported in South Dakota and a baseball sized hail fell in Indiana resulting to ripping up of power lines and trees. At least one twister was confirmed in Illinois according to National Weather Service officials. The ripped up power lines sent more than 15,000 customers into darkness. Despite having threatening lightning during the storm, temperatures were significantly lowered which was something to celebrate for some Americans.

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