A Popular Drink from the 90’s Might Just Hit the Stores Again

Crystal Pepsi, a drink by soft drink makers Pepsi, may find its way back into the market. The drink was popular in the 90s.

The clear colored beverage, which had a similar taste to the regular Pepsi, launched in 1992 and after a few market tests it rolled throughout the country the following year.

However, after a couple of years, Pepsi quietly withdrew it from the market. The drink could be possibly making a comeback, primarily due to an online campaign that has been persistently begging for its return. The campaign is headed by Kevin Strahle, who boasts more than 1.2 million followers to his YouTube channel.

Strahle, popularly known as the “LA Beast” on his YouTube Channel, said that he recently received a letter from Pepsi official Twitter account on Monday. The letter read;

“Dear Mr. Beast, your love for Pepsi Clear is crystal clear. The passion and enthusiasm with which you have campaigned for its return is like nothing we have seen before, and we love it. We have had customers ask us to bring back their favorite products before, but none has done so it with the level of zeal and humor as you have. We must admit that we are lucky to have a Pepsi super fan of your caliber on our side. We definitely hear you and your followers and we are of the opinion that you will be happy to have your favorite drink in the stores. Stay tuned!

Soon after the launch of Crystal Pepsi, Coca-Cola also launched its own clear cola named the Tab Clear. Both drinks recorded soaring sales as they were touted to be healthier, primarily because of their clear color.

“The clear color is always equated with purity and health,” said one of the customers. The craze for the drinks lasted for a year before both products disappeared from the market uncelebrated.

With the new promise from Pepsi, enthusiasts of the drink certainly have something to look forward to.

Immediately after Strahle announced the good news on his YouTube channel, the reaction from his followers was overwhelming, giving an indication that the drink may be well received if it was to be re-launched.

Pepsi has to analyze if there is a real market for the drink and cannot solely rely on Strahle’s followers to make the final decision. All indications, however, are in favor of Pepsi Crystl Clear’s return.

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