How Exactly Does Apple Plan to Claim their Stake in the News Business?

How does the idea of having an app that will enable you have all the news you are interested in, from sources you trust, all assembled in one place? Well, that is the primary aim of Apple’s new iOS 9 feature dubbed as News seeks to do. News will be a permanent feature on the iPhone and iPad home screen same as Calendar, Weather and Maps.

That’s not something new, you may say, considering that there are such similar apps, doing the same thing such as Yahoo News, NYT, Twitter and Flipboard as well as Facebook, which are regarded as a gateway between consumers and information.

However, News has a number of distinct advantages over its competitors. Firstly, the News app will automatically become an undeletable feature of any Apple mobile device that is running in iOS 9 starting this fall.

News will be on the radar of millions of Apple users, making it one of the leading apps in the market. According to the Washington Post, News could become a game changer in the way people receive news. “If the algorithm is good and expansive enough, this could eat market share from Flipboard, Twitter and even, theoretically, those daily newsletters people send around. Not to mention from those outside the ecosystem,” reported the Washington Post.

Apple knows that the app alone may not be necessarily popular, that is why it is partnering with established publishers such as Buzzfeed, CNN, the New York Times, Time Inc and Conde Nast and many more to display their content within the new app in a customizable wrapper.

This effectively means that other news app and individual news brands influence as the primary contact for what is happening will be significantly reduced. As it is, most apps and individual news brands feed into broader platforms for the news. It thus goes without saying that if there is an app that will deliver news in the same format as they are published by the publishing house, a considerable market share for the existing news apps will be lost.

Publishers are doing all they can to keep up with all these platforms as they look for ways to distribute information to consumers. However, the strategy taken by Apple’s News to deal directly with the publishers will certainly revolutionize the way mobile users receive and read the news. Nonetheless, it may be too early to say if the News will have the success it is anticipated to have.

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