China In The Spotlight For Reading Top U.S Officials’ Emails

Latest reports from the criminal investigation agencies in the U.S have confirmed China is reading emails in top U.S government officials’ accounts. It has also been confirmed that China has been doing so for the last five years, only that U.S detectives have not managed to unmask them all this while. According to a secret […]

Legion, A New Expansion Revealed in World of Warcraft

Activision Blizzard, located in the USA, is one of the most successful entertainment companies in the world. It is a large gaming interactive company that has vibrant systems covering media, technology and entertainment. It boasts two main units in which it operates namely, The Activision Publishing and the Blizzard entertainment. It is also a home […]

Lone Gunman Opened Fire At Movie Theater On Friday In Lafayette, Louisiana

A lone gunman opened fire at a Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater on Friday, July 24th, 2015. The gunman was unidentified at the time of the shooting, which took place at the Grand Theater, right before 7:30 pm during the showing of a comedy called “Trainwreck.” The Grand Theater is a 16-screen multiplex that is located […]

Popular CBC Host “Relived of” His Duties Amid Corruption Allegations

CBC, a Canadian Television Network has immediately fired one of its famous and most celebrated hosts, Evan Solomon, after news emerged that he had inappropriately profited from contacts gained through his shows. According to the Toronto Star newspaper, Solomon was secretly taking commissions payments that were linked to art sales involving people he came to […]

Several People Injured as Tornadoes Destroy Homes in Illinois

America has in the past faced several destructions due to storms and other related weather calamities that include flash floods and bushfires. In most cases, such disastrous calamities occur unexpectedly causing a lot of damages and at times loss of life. In the latest US news, several tornadoes were reported to have touched down on […]

Greece and its Lenders Fail to Reach a Consensus

Talks seeking to end the impasse between Greece and its lenders tumbled down over the weekend with European leaders expressing their disappointment at Athens for failing to come up with any concessions that would have allowed for the release of the desperately needed financial aid. Greece was hoping to secure a $ 1.8 billion funding […]